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Pet Portraits

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How to commission
a pet portrait

It's easy to order your custom art:

  1. Choose a photo of your pet(s) that you'd love me to draw

  2. Choose what you'd like from my price list below

  3. Email the above, plus your name and address to

  4. I'll calculate shipping and send you a payment link

  5. Once I have received your payment, I'll add you to my list

  6. You'll get an email when your art is ready to ship!


The entire process takes 2-3 weeks depending on the season, but you may get your portrait sooner if you provide all the info and payment promptly. If you need it by a certain date let me know at the beginning of your order.

Choose a style

I offer two options:


  1. PET SKETCHES are expressive sketches drawn using a combination of ink, and soluble graphite on paper. For larger pieces I sometimes also use soluble carbon and charcoal for added depth and texture. 

  2. DIGITAL PAINTINGS (colour) are hand-painted digitally on my iPad and then professionally printed. 

I draw from your photos, so please choose ones that you love. Due to the sketchy and expressive nature of my work, your photos do not necessarily need to be of high quality, I will simply interpret and draw what I can see. Let me know if you have any preferences like no background details.




A5 – £25

A4 – £50

A3 – £100


3 x Minis (A6) – £40

Small collection – £100

Large collection – £200

Composition portrait (A3) – £175

See – Further Info – below for descriptions of 'Minis',

'Collections' and 'Composition portraits' – the prices above do not include P&P



Your total quote for a digital portrait will be based on how many pets are in your painting and what size print you choose, plus P&P.


1 pet – £100

2 pets – £150


A4 print – £25

A3 Print – £50

Please let me know if you're looking for something bigger or you have more than 2 pets to be included in the artwork and I can provide you with a personalised quote.

Postage & Packaging​

P&P is calculated individually. Please provide the delivery address when you order so that I can include it in your final quote.

Further Info



MINIS are postcard-sized sketches (apx. A6). As a set they make a lovely gift when framed or displayed together (frame not included).

The SMALL & LARGE COLLECTIONS are perfect for creating a complete wall display of custom artwork to celebrate your pet(s). The small collection includes sketches in each size (minis, A5, and A4). The large collection also includes an A3 sketch. You can provide up to 5 photos for me to work from and include as many pets as you like. I am also happy to work with you to design your collection so that the photos are sketched according to your own size preferences. Get in touch to discuss or find out more.

A COMPOSITION PORTRAIT is a composition of several sketches of your pet on one sheet of A3 paper. You can provide a selection of photos for me to work from, and choose a particular photo as the main sketch if you wish. The rest will be composed to fit around it. Alternatively all sketches can be of a similar size and arranged in a pleasing composition. Composition portraits make meaningful memorial gifts for someone whose pet has passed. They can be composed with sketches of a single pet or different pets, past and present.



DIGITAL PAINTINGS are drawn and painted by hand onto a digital device using art software (I use an iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate).


It is a much longer process than the Pet Sketches, but there is more flexibility for adjustments – for example if you would like to try out a few different background colours before committing, or if you would like text to be included in the finished piece.


You will receive a professionally printed archival quality Giclee print of your artwork and the option to order more than one print at the time of ordering. Please note that the original file isn't included.

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