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For your convenience, here is a full list of all my blog posts, starting with the first published post at the top and new ones being added to the bottom.

How I was diagnosed with a mental illness called cyclothymic disorder: He wrote it on a Post-it!

You know that episode in Sex And The City, where Carrie Bradshaw's dating that guy, and she's blissfully happy, thinking it's all going swimmingly – but then she wakes up the next morning to find that she's been dumped – on a post-it note? Well, that's kind of what my diagnosis felt like.

What is cyclothymic disorder?

Cyclothymic disorder, also known as 'cyclothymia', is a rare mood disorder on the bipolar spectrum, in which a person experiences alternating symptoms of depression or hypomania.

What does depression look like in a person with cyclothymic disorder?

People want to know what the difference is between a normal low mood, clinical depression, bipolar depression and cyclothymic depression. So I'm sharing my own experience of what depressive symptoms look and feel like as part of cyclothymic disorder.

What does hypomania look like in a person with cyclothymic disorder?

Put simply, hypomania is an abnormally elevated mood state. What does that mean? Well, basically everything gets amped up! But there's much more to it than meets the eye. Keep reading to find out what the symptoms look like in real life, and what the differences are between euphoric and dysphoric hypomania in cyclothymic disorder.

More on the aftermath of hypomania

Sometimes it's not the hypomania itself, but the aftermath we struggle with. A hypomanic state can feel awesome – when you're in it! When you come out of it though, that's when you have to clean up a whole load of mess.

How depression and hypomania cause self-doubt in people with cyclothymia

When the inner monologues of hypomania and depression collide and contradict each other, you find yourself questioning everything!

What is it like to be diagnosed with a mental illness?

Being given a diagnosis of mental illness can really mess with your head. It doesn't matter whether you kind of knew it was coming or if it came out of the blue, coming to terms with the fact that you'll have to live with this for the rest of your life is a lot. I share my own diagnosis story here.

Why I write about my mental illness online

It might seem like a risky thing to share such personal information online. But how else are we going to end the stigma around mental health if people don't share their stories? So here's me justifying my dirty laundry...

Why hot weather triggers my anxiety

Weather is a common trigger for mental health problems, but usually it's bad weather that brings on the blues. I explain why I start to feel anxious when the sun comes out...

I took a break to look after my mental health

It's common when you're struggling with your mental health to want to disappear or hide away. Well I made a positive decision to do just that, and here's what happened ...

What Do Writers Blog About?

Hello, and welcome to my Beautiful New Writer's Blog. Yes. capitals and italics. It is all very interesting and important.

How to overcome imposter syndrome and believe in your skills

Have you ever been worried your clients or audience will find out you're a total fraud? (Even though you are totally not!) Let's kick this imposter syndrome in the butt!

Book Review: London's No.1 Dog-Walking Agency By Kate MacDougall

I read the whole thing in just a few days. I wouldn't say it's the kind of book that I simply couldn't put down, it was more of a friendly companion that I kept wanting to pick up.

Should You Go Public About Your Mental Illness Online?

This is a tricky one, and I love the fact that people have different things to say about it. Should you go public about your mental illness online? I think only you can answer that. But there are a few things to consider, so let's talk about them.

The invisible nature of my mental illness

How can something so powerful and destructive go completely unnoticed? Just because a mental illness is invisible, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Would You Consider Hiring Someone With A Mental Illness?

Would you think twice about employing someone with a mental illness, even if they are a great fit for the role? It's a tricky topic. Let's talk about it!

Is writing about mental illness self indulgent?

Is personal blogging self-indulgent, or is there an art to writing a personal blog? How do you write about mental illness?

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