Look - I Drew A Comic Strip!

My new comic strip is to help promote my blog (mykindofbipolar.com) on Instagram and Facebook. People seem to enjoy my character drawings, and so I thought I would evolve them into mini stories... because who doesn't love story-time?

I think I'm going to enjoy creating these because the stories can be about my experiences with cyclothymia (a mood disorder on the bipolar spectrum), but they can also be very universal. With a little added humour, I am sure that anybody will be able to relate to them.

It's surprising how therapeutic a series of drawings can be as a way to express how you feel about something. Take the comic strip below for example. This unfortunate incident happened yesterday...

Basically, I was out walking my dog, and when she went up to check this little dog out it started screaming blue murder at her, as tiny dogs tend to do. The little dog had overreacted because it's owner was fussing and intensifying the situation with his own stress. Due to all of the drama, my dog wasn't listening to me calling her away either.

It wasn't really a problem. Dogs have spats all the time, I mean even dogs can't like everyone. This was simply a case of tiny dog syndrome, where a pampered toy-sized dog forgets how to be a dog because it's overprotective owner has treated it like a child.

My dog did move away after having a bit of a go back - I mean, who wouldn't object to being screamed at for literally no reason at all? And as I passed I smiled and apologised. Then the guy had the cheek to snidely remark after I had passed that I should have my dog on a lead! I was so surprised that I just had to retaliate by saying that my dog did not need to be on a lead in the park. And that was when he accused my dog of attacking his dog.

To say that I saw red would have been an understatement. NOBODY talks about my lovely dog like she's a menace... my dog wouldn't dream of attacking another dog, she wouldn't know how to!

We exchanged a few more curt words as we were walking away from each other, him bending down to attend to his little drama queen, and all the way home I had the exchange running on a loop in my hot head.

I tried my best to shift my thoughts to other things for the rest of the day, but when it came to bed time where there would be nothing to distract me, I found that my obsessive thoughts started to spiral again, and I was literally lying in bed until 4am raging inside - courtesy of my cyclothymia.

Anyway, the next day I did indeed find myself starting to think about the incident again, and so I decided that I needed to find a way to express myself and release the feelings in a healthy manner. Drawing this comic strip has been a great way to do that.

I think it is also going to be a fun way for me to practice drawing a variety of different kinds of people, animals, and scenes. It's kind of like mocking up thumbnails for a picture book.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little anecdote, and my little comic strips (or comic cubes - hey that's a cool name for them - Well done Zara!) I'll see you again soon with more for you to read. Feel free to share this blog post if you enjoyed it!

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