Welcome To Carousel Gifts

I am so excited to finally launch my Carousel Gift Shop. I have been undecided about the project for so long, and so it feels great to have made a positive decision to put my ideas into action.

I think that my main reservations have been due to "coming out", in a way, about my mental health disorder. Part of me has been tempted not to include it as part of the concept behind the gift shop, but I think that it was an important decision to make. Not only is mental illness incredibly relevant to my project, but mental health is also something that we are all being encouraged to talk about, as it affects so many of us.

Cyclothymic disorder plays a big role in my life, essentially influencing everything I do whether I like it or not, and so "coming out" is a bit like embracing this part of me, and taking back the control. This is my life after all, and while I can't let my mental health disorder take over, I can invite it along on my journey, allowing it to play a positive and productive role rather than an entirely destructive one.

I will write more about my relationship with my creative work and cyclothymia in future blog posts, but if you would like to find out more about what cyclothymic disorder is and what my own experiences with it have been you can visit my other blog - http://mykindofbipolar.com - where I discuss it all in much more detail.

For now though, I would like to extend a BIG welcome to you all. I hope that you will enjoy browsing the website and seeing if there is anything in my shop that takes your fancy. Every purchase, no matter how small, makes a big difference to me, and so I will always try to include lovely handmade gifts and handmade greeting cards at those lower price points so that you can easily support my work on a regular basis and enjoy receiving things in the post from me.

Don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list in the footer of the website so that I can keep in touch with you. The best way of keeping updated with all new blog posts, products and news though is to download our mobile app. Just type your mobile number into the form and we'll text you a link!

Thank you again for your interest & support!


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