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Those of you who already know me might be a bit confused. You know me as a writer, a pet portrait artist, or the girl with curly hair who randomly draws and makes things. It shouldn't surprise you then that I am here again poking my head down yet another creative rabbit hole. But don't worry... I am not abandoning all of my previous creative pursuits. Call it "expanding my horizons" if you like.

I always thought that you would need to have a degree in illustration or graphic design for anybody to hire you as an illustrator, but apparently this is not true. In fact, I have nosed through a large number of illustration portfolios online, and guess what? There were plenty of "About" pages that showed no mention at all of qualifications. It appears that in this industry it is the experience, potentially a handful of testimonials or high-profile clients, and most importantly the quality of your artwork that actually counts.

Obviously I am at the beginning of my journey as a professional illustrator, so I thought that it would be fun to use my website and accompanying blog (because I can only afford one) as my illustration platform or "portfolio". I also thought I'd share my creative process and journey into the exciting world of illustration with you here on the blog, and on social media, of course.

Currently, I have sifted through what I already have and filled my portfolio up with what I think are relevant pieces of my work. There is one problem. If you know my work you'll know that I don't use colour... ever. This is something that I want to change.

I have very expensive Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils that I purchased two years ago when I thought I was going to be a hyperrealist wildlife artist (who was I kidding!) I also have very expensive Daniel Smith and Schmincke Watercolours that I purchased more recently, with which I have produced some rather garish landscape paintings that went straight into the bin... I am excited however, to now have the opportunity to have some fun experimenting with colour instead of being afraid of it. I am eager to discover what my personal illustration style is going to be like, and I am ready to embrace my inner child.

When I was a kid my favourite kind of art was drawing simple, scrawly, funny characters. I remember making my own little comic books called "Super Sash" with hilarious storylines and my little brother starring as the super hero and our pets as his sidekicks. They remind me of the illustrations I am now creating for my blog - mykindofbipolar.com - I must ask him if he still has them. If he does I'll try to get hold of them to show you in a future blog post.

I've created some other fun illustrated storybooks with and for my niece when she was younger. One was about a little owl's fears about the first day of school. Another was co-written and co- illustrated by my niece as a Mother's Day present for my sister, it was called "The Naughty Little Fairy". So cute. I must see if I can dig those out too.

Anyway, I know that I often have a tendency to write epic blog posts, so I am going to cut myself off here before I lose your attention. I can't wait to share my journey into illustration with you... wish me luck!

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