Deer | Plush Toys | deer Softies

Deer | Plush Toys | deer Softies


A perfect handmade gift that is safe for your child to play with, and lovely to display on a shelf in the nursery or for your own collection of stuffed animal toys.


These adorable plush toy deer are designed to be unisex so that your child can role play however they like - For example; mummy & daughter deer, daddy and son, daddy & daddy's favourite girl, mummy & mummy's favourite boy, big sis & little sis, big bro & little bro... the choice is theirs!


Both softies are made with felt and child-safe toy stuffing. They are completely soft with no joints, but your child can still bend them to sit them down, and their legs are also stiff enough to lean them against something so that they can stand upright. The eyes and noses are embroidered leaving no small plastic pieces that could fall off. The coats  are very simple and made from felt, and the scarves are hand-knitted, they are all easy to remove and put back on and are in mixed-gender friendly colours so as not to influence your child's imagnation. The larger deer is apx. 19cm, and the smaller one is apx. 15cm making them the perfect size for small hands to handle and a great travel size too!


The pair of soft toys come with a hardwearing jute drawstring bag to keep them safe and clean together when your child is not playing, or if they want to take them out in their backpack. The bag is also useful if you and your child want to experiment in sewing other simple felt clothes for the hares as it will help to keep everything together and tidy.


If your child loves their play deer, why not take a look to see what other animals friends they can collect in my shop. I make new plush toys all of the time, so sign up to my mailing list on the website to keep updated. If you have a certain animal in mind but don't find it in my shop, why not let me know?


Note: Spot cleaning is recommended, and please use your own judgement on age suitability.


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