Miniature Teddy #1

Miniature Teddy #1


This charming little chappy was my very first attempt at making a miniature teddy bear with moving joints. The needlework is wonderfully shabby and he has plenty of scrappy charm about him.


My first few attempts at making these bears were of course very experimental, and I was full of passionate juvenile enthusiasm! I would love for these firsts to find their forever homes and not lie unloved at the bottom of my fabrics bag. So I have listed them in the shop at a lower price to reflect the imperfect nature of their craftsmanship. However, if you are a true lover and collector of miniature teddy bears, I am sure that this teddy's imperfections will only increase his value in your heart.


He is aproximately 10cm high and comes with a tiny "made with love" metal tag and my signature is sewn on his foot (in case you were wondering what on earth that is - it is a "Z" and an "M", my initials!) He has his own little handmade fabric pouch to travel to you safely in. I hope you enjoy him as much as I enjoyed bringing him to life.


Please note that my teddies are not designed to be undressed, which means that items of clothing may be sewn in place. They are also not toys and are,I'm afraid, unsuitable for small children to play with due to metal wire parts in the interior.


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