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Yoga 4 Tango was a weekly yoga class that was tailored to suit dancers in the London Tango community. Over the space of about 6 months, I was hired to attend, take part in, and write about the yoga classes from the perspective of a complete yoga beginner.




The main aim of these blog posts was to provide engaging weekly content to publish on the Yoga 4 Tango blog and Facebook page.


In taking part in the classes I was able to communicate through the blog to my fellow classmates about my personal experience of taking the classes as a complete yoga beginner, which brought us all together and provided us with something to form a conversation around.


The story on the blog could then be used to promote the classes to other complete beginners and give them a picture of what to expect if they signed up.


As the Tango community is a tight-knit one in London there would be the added bonus of the blog providing a way to help people spread the word about the classes to other Tango dancers.

My Angle



Being a social Tango dancer myself, and having attended many of the weekly Milongas, I was a familiar face on the Tango scene at the time, and so I decided that the best way to approach the blog posts was to sound like myself. I was encouraged to be honest and offer my subjective perspective, and I embraced this fully with the witty and conversational tone of voice that comes naturally to me.


I also took extensive notes throughout the classes, as a wealth of information was shared and I felt it was important to show that this was part of the experience.


In the classes we were always encouraged to take what we had learned in the class and apply it not only to the dance floor, but also to different aspects of our everyday lives. I had a lot of fun writing about how I was doing this, and my intention was to provide inspiration to readers and show the potential overall benefits of the lessons learnt in the classes.


Project Highlights


Best thing I learnt



People respond well to real-life experiences. Writing in my own voice made my content feel genuine and readers trusted what they read. I would always encourage any business with a blog to write in the voice of a real person that readers can relate to. It is far more personal and will stand out in a world of online content that is all beginning to sound the same.


What I did differently



The intention of the blog posts were to mimic a diary or journal, and so I chose not to include subheadings or divide the content up, as I didn’t want it to sound too structured or formal. Most of my clients prefer article-style, detailed, and informative content, but this blog needed to flow more naturally. I attempted to keep posts fairly short, but long enough to do each class justice and express my points.

My contribution to the project



It was my idea to integrate the knowledge and information that was being provided by the instructors into my blog posts.


I felt that this added more value to the content and created some balance so that the posts were not solely about me and my experience – they were also very much about yoga, tango and the life-lessons being explored.


I also felt that this would give a taste of who our instructors were and the value that they were offering.

What I enjoyed most



My favourite thing about being part of this project was the freedom to be myself when writing. It's a rare opportunity to write in your own voice when a client has hired you to write for their blog, but I think it was important and in line with the goals of this project.


I also enjoyed attending the actual classes and having the opportunity to “live” the experience I was writing about. It made the writing all the more rich and engaging, and provided people with an incentive to follow the blog so that they could follow my story.

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