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Single Pet Sketch
  • Single Pet Sketch

    PET SKETCHES are expressive sketches drawn using a combination of ink, and soluble graphite on paper. For larger pieces I sometimes also use soluble carbon and charcoal for added depth and texture. 


    I draw from your photos, so please choose ones that you love. Due to the sketchy and expressive nature of my work, your photos do not necessarily need to be of high quality. I will simply interpret and draw what I can see in the photo and there is no extra charge if there's more than one pet/person in the photo. Just keep in mind that the smaller the drawing the less detail there will be.


    Let me know if you have any preferences like no background details or if you just want a head and shoulders drawing without the body.

    • How to care for your original drawing

      The best way to avoid seeing your artwork fade or the paper turn yellow is to frame it properly to reduce exposure to air, as this causes oxidisation and leads to unwanted changes. When displaying framed artwork, keep it out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.

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