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Terms and Conditions

Hello, my name is Zara Mohammed and I am the artist and owner of the website and Opulent Mutts.


Thank you for taking the time to read my terms and conditions. Please be aware that by visiting the site, engaging with the content, and commissioning artwork or purchasing my products you accept the terms and conditions below.

These terms and conditions are subject to change, so please refer back to this page regularly when visiting the website, before commissioning new artwork, and before purchasing items from the website shop.



The artist retains full copyright on all work that is produced, including original art and handmade goods, mock-ups, art prints, and other printed or handmade products.


This means I can reproduce and modify any commissioned artwork or handmade goods I have created using my own image of the artwork and use these for promotional purposes or to sell for profit.


For example: Creating reproductions, art prints, greeting cards, and calendars or printing on any other products, merchandise, or promotional materials like business cards and flyers.


When a custom work is commissioned, I reserve the right to display it on my website and on my social media pages. Clients who do not wish their commissioned portrait to be shown online must notify me before I start working on the piece and before payment is made.

Limited edition art prints or one-of-a-kind original works may be printed on greeting cards or other products that are not included as part of the limited edition, and sold without limit.


The client does not have the right to sell copies of the work they purchase or commission in any way, or use it for commercial purposes without permission from the artist.

Reference Photos

The photographs provided for reference images must have been taken by the client, or permission for their use obtained by the client from the person who took them.


If the project is to be a gift, client accepts responsibility for sourcing and using images. This means that if the photographs do not belong to you, you must get permission from the owner to use the photographs. This includes images taken from social media platforms.


By sending me reference photos you grant me permission to use them in my publicity and advertising media (such as showing a comparison between the reference photo and the final artwork). 

Prices & Quotes

Prices on the website are only there as a guide and may be subject to change. This includes shipping fees.

When providing personalised quotes, these will be valid for 30 days. However, if the commission changes in some way, your quote may need to be updated, but I will inform you if any changes will affect the overall cost of your commission.




I always ask for the full payment upfront, including shipping fees, before starting any work on a commission. This is to ensure the commission is fully paid for and avoid any delays caused by potentially having to chase payments before shipping the work.

Payment may be made directly via a product listing on my website or via a payment link that I have emailed to you after providing a personalised quote. The payment link will take you to an interactive PayPal invoice with different options for making your payment. 


If, for any reason, you want to cancel your commission, you may receive a part-refund if I have not already started working on the piece. The amount refunded is at the artist's discretion. Any payment that is retained will help cover loss of business, and any time spent on the project so far. 

If you wish to cancel an order made through the website please email me immediately. Once the item has been shipped it will have to be returned unopened and undamaged in order for a refund to be issued. Return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility and proof of postage must be provided.


All orders are posted securely with a tracking number to the address you provide. If the item is a gift, I can post it directly to the recipient. Just let me know the name and address you would like me to send it to.

Shipping Damage

I ship artwork in flat hard-backed envelopes that state 'Do Not Bend'. The artwork inside is protected in a cellophane envelope and gift-wrapped.

In the unlikely event that damage occurs during transit please send a photo of the damaged artwork to me immediately.


Depending on the extent of the damage, the artwork must be returned to me and a new portrait will be drawn at no extra cost. The client will be responsible for any return payments and must provide proof of postage. The new artwork will be added to my client waiting list so it might take some time to complete.

Data Protection

The artist will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties.


Whilst every care has been taken to assure accuracy of reproduction of prints according to their originals, the artist cannot guarantee a 100% likeness due to scanning and printer settings, and individual monitor/screen settings.

Please also be aware that my 'homemade art prints' are printed using a basic home printer on my usual art paper. This helps me keep costs down and have more control over presentation, packing and adding freebies!


I disclose the relevant information in the product listings, including care instructions, and always offer the alternative option for professional printing. I will provide a quote for this that includes the printing company's shipping fees to your country.

Import Duty

Payment of import duty may be liable in some countries, which is the sole responsibility of the client.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are non-refundable and must be used before their expiry date (indicated on the voucher) which will usually be 12 months from the date of purchase.

A voucher can be used as full or part payment for the purpose stated on the voucher, including any postage and packaging.  

If the value of the voucher is more than the total cost of a commission or purchase, including postage and packaging, then the remaining amount is lost. It is not refundable or useable at a later date. However, a voucher can be used for more than one item or commission when they are paid for in the same transaction at the same time. 

Only one voucher can be used at a time for any transaction.

The website gives current estimates of prices, however, these are subject to change. If the prices or shipping fees have increased since the voucher was purchased, the recipient will need to pay the difference.

All vouchers have an individual code that can only be used once. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and recipient, therefore, to keep the code secret so that it is not used by anyone without their knowledge or consent. Once the voucher has been used it cannot be used again. 


When using a voucher for commissions your order will be placed in the commission queue. This position will be assigned at the time the voucher is used (i.e. as a form of payment) rather than when the voucher is purchased.  

The voucher is only redeemable for the purpose stated on the voucher.

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