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I am a pet portrait artist, specialising in loose and sketchy "pet studies" of dogs and cats. For more information about my work, pricing, and how to commission a piece of custom art you can visit the Opulent Mutts page on the website.

I am an aspiring illustrator. I have illustrated many of my own blogs, and taken on a handful of client projects. You can visit my Illustration Portfolio to see my work. I am available for both private commissions and commercial projects.

I love to draw and make things, so as you browse the sections of my website and shop you will see handcrafted products and artwork. I am far too curious to confine myself to one clearly defined creative niche, there is too much to learn and discover, so expect to see plenty of variety. 

Welcome To My Website...



Hello, my name is Zara, I am a writer and artist based in London. 

Most people who know me wouldn't think that I suffer from a mental illness, which goes to show how invisible mental illness can be.

I am diagnosed with cyclothymia, a mood disorder on the bipolar spectrum. I live life in a constant battle against my mood, which swings back and forth in a never-ending cycle between hypomania and depression. 

During my manic states, I experience bouts of high confidence, creativity and productivity. New ideas become obsessions. Real-life gets put on hold while I follow the manic energy wherever it decides to take me.


During my depressed states, it can be impossible to even function. I am plagued with imposter syndrome as projects get left unfinished and I can't follow through with any of my grand ideas.

My mental illness causes me to have a very fragmented sense of my own identity. I find myself constantly trying to redefine myself after each manic storm, going back and forth between titles, goals, businesses, career directions. It is confusing and exhausting.

So I decided to try and bring as much of "me" together in one place so that I don't have to think of myself in such a broken-up way. I can be all of these things and more. And rather than feel overwhelmed like I am diluting the pot by adding more to it, I can see what I have achieved altogether in one place, and I can see that I am actually adding richness to the pot instead.


Who says we just have to be one person? Someone who suffers from bipolar disorder is bound to be at least two people after all!

I blog about my condition if you would like to find out more