I get paid to play with words
I enjoy it, and I'm good at it.

Things I'm not good at: Public speaking, networking, interviews.

But we're here to talk about you!
What is your story?
I can help you tell it.

I can write articles, blog posts, website content and copy, product descriptions, emails and newsletters, social media captions, stories, scripts. I can proofread, edit and rewrite. I can come up with ideas for other types of content too, like writing outlines and scripts for video concepts

Feeling lost? Here is how I have helped other clients tell their stories...

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My Kind Of Bipolar is an illustrated blog I decided to create as a way to help me deal with a diagnosis of cyclothymia, which is a mood disorder on the bipolar spectrum. I share what it is like to live with a mental illness, with personal anecdotes and plenty of information about my disorder. I hope that it provides people with some support if they or their friends and family are struggling to deal with or understand their own diagnosis.

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The Houseplants Edit is an illustrated blog I created to indulge my love of plants and help others to discover the healing power of houseplants. It is a place where I publish long (probably too long) and informative plant care articles, along with gift and shopping guides to inspire other crazy plant people to support the blog by using my affiliate links.

Life On Paper Logo_edited.jpg

Life On Paper by Filofancy is the oldest blog that I still have online. It was born from a unique obsession with Filofaxes. Yes, I'm talking about those geeky retro leather ring-binder personal organisers that we now call "planners". Well they are trendy once more, and there is a vast online community of people, blogging, vlogging, and posting on social media about their planner habits. I blog about Filofax, Midori Traveler's Notebook, planners, journaling, and stationery in general. It's my not-so-secret guilty pleasure.